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You would probably not expect to get such a thunderous rock blues sound from a distant country like Indonesia,… but why not after all ? Speaker First’s singer couldn’t travel because of a visa problem, probably due to our current insane government, but it didn’t stop the band, ‘The show must go on,’ they said, and they gave us a terrific and raucous set, as the matter of fact, they rocked so hard and so loud that the Sunset strip wouldn’t certainly have disowned them. They sounded like the Indonesian Led Zeppelin/the Who/ Motorhead, with guitar riffs piling at the top of each other and some cool rock arena moves.

Land of the free, home of the brave.
Our first United States tour.
The Anthem Tour 2017 - Passport Approved
Across West Coast USA.
7 Cities.
San Diego. Orange County. Los Angeles. Fresno. Napa. Portland. And Seattle.

Against all odds, without our vocalist because of visa problem, we storm the States hard and loud.
And put the grand finale in Seattle finally with our vocalist whom had overcome the visa problem,
to mark our presence in the heart and minds of the Americans



photos by :
alyson camus
monte malone
sami peura

videos by :
sami peura

thanks for those great photos and videos guys !